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About the fragrance

A perfume born in the Mediterranean that brings together freedom, freshness, adventure and harmony, in search of peace and balance. Launched in 1995 by Giorgio Armani , this is a floral, transparent and stimulating fragrance for men who love freedom and contact with nature. Aqua Di Giò it envelops you in a marine freshness, revealing the sensations of the sea, the air and the sun.

Acqua Di Giò Homme It's more than a perfume. It is the fragrance of life, a sensual ode to the perfection of nature and the essence of man. A man in harmony with the sea, confident and self-assured. A modern Apollo, combining virility and grace, looking beyond the ocean, his body filled with light. The fragrance of the natural and authentic man, active, masculine and free.

Aqua di Giò It is a force of nature. It embodies the power of water and the voluptuousness of air. At once fresh, bright and incisive, its fluidity is basic. Evoking a burst of pure oxygen, never has a fragrance evoked sea and water with such natural simplicity or authenticity.

Acqua Di Giò pour Homme it is the essence of a man who does not pretend to be anything other than what he is. Secure in his masculinity, he has no time for displays of superiority. His legacy is his love of life, his passion and a determined hedonistic spirit. Its fragrance is that of a person with good taste.

About the Bottle

The Acqua Di Giò Homme bottle has simple, refined shapes in frosted glass that evokes the sensuality and masculinity of contemporary men.

A classic fragrance par excellence

Aqua Di Giò It is an intimate fragrance. It is the reflection of a naked soul. The artist's nude captured in fragrance. It merges with your skin, your being, creating a work of art of exuberant simplicity.

The masculine perfume Aqua Di Giò has a floral, aquatic and fresh fragrance, providing freedom, youth and balance for men Acqua Di Giò . The sensation of being enveloped by sea freshness, revealing a holiday spirit, of love for life. The top notes of this masculine perfume convey the softness of jasmine and hedione. The perfume's heart notes are soaked in a refreshing marine complex. Delicate suggestions of cedar, musk, musc and patchouli perfume the base notes and complete the fragrance.

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