Delivery time to anywhere in Brazil varies from 20 to 90 days after payment confirmation.

Remembering that we inform the tracking code of all products ordered with COM shipping option tracking code at the time of freight selection . If tracking doesn't work on our website, it will definitely work on one of these:

You tracking codes They take 5 to 10 business days to be passed from our suppliers to you, the customer.

We will refund the amount relating to purchases made that are lost or that exceed the 90-day deadline after payment confirmation for delivery.

The deadline varies according to the agility of the Post Office and customs, but it usually takes between 35 to 45 days on average . The deadline for delivery is up to 90 working days.

After the stipulated deadline, we recommend that you contact the Post Office to clarify the reason for the delay. If the post office does not have your order contact us immediately to check with our suppliers. Confirming that there is a problem in the logistics of your order, We will refund your purchase in FULL immediately after these verification steps.

AND It is important that you provide the means to carry out delivery to the address registered in your order. After 3 (three) proven delivery attempts, you will have to pick up the order at a Post Office close to your address. Storage fees are charged if not removed within 7 calendar days. The fee amount depends on the weight/volume of the product.


All products are shipped from abroad and are subject to customs taxation upon receipt. The fees are 60% of the purchase price, so if the amount charged is higher than this, please get in touch so we can explain how to appeal at the post office.