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212 Heroes Forever Young will awaken today's youthful essence. Developed by Carolina Herrera, this fragrance is a true inspiration, combining the vibrant spirit and fearless confidence of New York.

It is composed of sensual elements that enhance the vivacious creativity of those who take the festive essence wherever they go. As part of the latest evolution, the men's perfume pays homage to the street culture, freedom and authenticity of this generation.

The fragrance shows that there is nothing more heroic than being truly yourself. Always feel young with 212 Heroes, which reinvents the fougère style with the fruity-woody olfactory genre.

What does 212 Heroes smell like?

The 212 Heroes perfume has a unique and striking fragrance, which attracts the attention of whoever is nearby.

The top notes bring an elixir of pear and ginger, intensified by the touch of lemon haze cannabis. The middle notes feature an innovative fresh accord of Madagascar geranium oil, and the base is marked by the dominant presence of leather and wood.

If you still have doubts as to whether the male 212 Heros is good, know that, in addition to an unparalleled aroma, just like the heroes, it is a symbol of courage, independence and rebellion.

Why is the perfume called 212 Heroes?

The name “212 Heroes” was carefully chosen to reflect the valiant spirit of modern heroes. This fragrance is made for those who live intensely, are authentic and are not afraid to express their individuality.

What is the difference between 212 Heroes and the other 212?

O 212 Heroes stands out among men's perfumes of line 212 for its unique proposal of combining the past and the present. While maintaining the youthful and festive essence as a characteristic, it brings a disruptive approach, inspired by urban culture and the authenticity of the new generation.

Its innovative olfactory composition, with the lemon haze cannabis accord, makes it a unique and memorable choice that highlights the differences.

How long is 212 Heroes?

The duration of imported perfumes may vary from person to person, however, 212 Heroes is known for its excellent staying power, providing a lasting fragrance throughout the day.

With its striking essence, you can enjoy the refreshing and enveloping aroma for many hours. The product is available in three size options: 50 ml, 90 ml and 150 ml.

Regardless of your choice, you will acquire a masculine fragrance that inspires youth and originality in each person who uses it. Try 212 Heroes and discover the thrill of being an authentic modern-day hero.

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